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A Collected Style Feature: Brooke Gaines

What inspires my style?

My style is inspired by many things, depending on the type of mood I am in.  One day I might be feeling rocker chic, but the next I might be feeling earthy and natural.  I would have to say that I do not follow the fashion dos and don’ts or what a plus size woman should wear.  I wear what I think looks good for my particular body type.  I definitely go for the more classic look.  I can put together multiple outfits with one key piece.  Fashion is not just what you wear but it is how you present yourself because the world is your runway.


My name is Brooke Gaines.  I am the girlfriend of acollectedgentleman.   I am a 22 year old college student aspiring to be a pediatric doctor.  I live, breathe and eat all things fashion, whether its makeup, clothes, shoes etc.  I am a plus size girl who embraces her curves.  I have lived an amazing life and I know it will only get better. 


Urban Decay “Naked 2 Palette”/ MAC


Black High Low shirt- Forever 21 $15.00

Hot Red Skinny Jeans- Michael Kors Nordstrom Rack $29.97

Snake Skin Wedges- Zigisoho DSW $30.00 Black clutch with pewter embellishments- Marshalls $20.00

Betsey Johnson Watch- Macy’s $100.00

Black Necklace- Forever 21 $6.80

Shield Ring- Forever 21 $3.80

Sterling Silver Black Cluster Ball Earings- TJMAXX $12.00


Photographer: Isaiah Johnson aka A Collected Gentleman


Gorgeous, classy and I love it!

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