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This tumblr is made to inspire me to become a more confident fat person! I'm 25 white/cis/queer and from Belgium (Europe) ask me anything you want! (including if you want me to remove pictures of yourself!)

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OOTD ~ Sherbert Smoothie

Dress ~ Old Navy

Belt ~ ReDress

Leggings ~ Torrid

Pewter Flats ~ Payless

Orange Bra ~ Lane Bryant

You don’t really see the orange bra so much from the front, but I love the pop of colour it gives to the back of the outfit ;) Photo HERE

girl i need more info on basically ever element of this outfit! what dress is that? what leggings are those? and 


Jackie you look so cute boo! :)

OMG Were we Skyping when you bought this outfit?! I think we were! I remember looking on Old Navy with you! Adorbs, boo!

lol YYEEESSSS  we were <3

(via pardonmewhileipanic)

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