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This tumblr is made to inspire me to become a more confident fat person! I'm 25 white/cis/queer and from Belgium (Europe) ask me anything you want! (including if you want me to remove pictures of yourself!)

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None of these pictures are mine unless stated and are not intended to be used as anyones porn or masturbation material!

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If you wanna talk about my weight here’s an advice: don’t or I’ll stab you with a cactus

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this is a good time to note that if you don’t think trans women are women i’d like you to get the fuck away from my blog

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I’ve always believed that the universe invented the color red solely for Latinas - Junot Díaz

cherie bought me this dress for my birthday and it’s perfect! thank you♥


Enjoying a great day at a spa with my best friend. <3



Pool photoshoot part 2. It was succcch a great daaay! <3


Some more pictures from the beach.

I think this is the first time in my life I’ve been able to look at pictures of myself in a bathing suit and not have a thousand negative feelings about my body. In fact, I love these pictures. I look at them and I’m like ‘damn, I’m really cute and totally in love with myself!’ and I know I’ve been able to gain that confidence and change the way I see my own body, and all fat bodies by participating in the fatshion and fat acceptance community here on tumblr. It’s such a small thing…to take pictures and post them on the internet…yet it’s changed my life. So thanks to all the fatties who also post their pictures, who comment, like, reblog, share experiences and stories. We’re awesome!

Also, shout out to my sister who took pictures of me on the beach like she was the paparazzi.



I remember when i was ashamed of these pictures. Something about how my stomach hanged out and how short my hair is. But now i look back at these and can’t help but love them. I can’t help but love me. It’s about time.


classy bitch 2k14


When I see fat-positivity posts get hijacked with “but skinny girls—” all I can think is that bird meme “I’m uncomfortable when things not about me” or w/e. Like honestly.

Also I should mention, this isn’t meant to minimize the body issues that slim girls feel. There is a place and a time for that discussion and fat positivity posts and discussions are NOT that time. General discussion on body positivity? Go for it. General discussion on dysphoria? Go for it. General discussion of societal beauty standards? Go for it. General discussion of E.D.’s etc? Go for it. Skinny-shaming and skinny-issue specific areas? GO FOR IT. There are TONS of places to air concerns and problems around this subject without taking posts about the very real issue of fat shaming. You sound like a guy who says “BUT MEN TOO” and like it honestly makes me want to push your face into a carpet so please do not do this thank




New on le blog | A review of my 3 newest #swimsuits #fatkini


A big step outside my comfort zone with my first ever jumpsuit…. and I am loving it!

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