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This tumblr is made to inspire me to become a more confident fat person! I'm 25 white/cis/queer and from Belgium (Europe) ask me anything you want! (including if you want me to remove pictures of yourself!)

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BLOG UPDATE | Flying the Friendly Skies #plussize #blogger #fashion #fatshion w/ @lydiahudgens

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my name is natalie and i’m fat. i’ve been more fat than i am now. i have been less fat. i’ve been the same fat. i’m fat from the side, fat from the front, fat from the back…you get the point.

fat girls have been lied to over and over in many ways our whole fat existences - told that we are restricted to certain styles/trends of clothing because anything too tight/short/revealing isn’t ‘flattering’. told that we should be glad to be hit on/cat-called by creepy men because hey, at least it’s something, right?! told that the world isn’t open to us and that we can’t be incredible creatures because we’re fat. told that we’re ugly/undesirable/weak/stupid/disgusting. told that we don’t deserve to be loved…or even to live.

it’s not true. none of it is true.

people ask me often - “i hate myself. how do you do it?” it’s simple.

one day, i decided that i was worth greatness, whatever size i was or wasn’t.

i wish i could go back to awkward, shy 13 year old me, look her dead in the eye and tell her that she. is. perfect. tell her that she can go anywhere, be anyone, wear anything and that she will always be important and will never, ever, ever be merely ‘the fat girl’.

i won’t drown in sweat in texas summers to cover my fat arms in sweaters or shield my thunder thighs from the spring breeze just because you don’t want to see them. my fat arms and thunder thighs have always been here for me when much of the world wasn’t. i won’t be beat down by people who do not care if i cry myself to sleep at night.

my mom has always told me that i am my biggest fan and ya know what?

she’s right.

you’re allowed to feel good. don’t let anyone take that away from you.

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If they don’t appreciate you, they don’t deserve you.


Last Friday, a couple of us larger yogis went to our instructor’s house and took pictures in her living room. Some will be used at an upcoming workshop she’s teaching for other yoga instructors on how to offer body positive cues and pose modifications to make their classes more inclusive.

She gave us the prompt: “What do you wish more yoga teachers knew about creating body-positive classes?”

We said:
Don’t assume that we aren’t as strong or flexible.
Don’t assume that this is my first ever yoga/fitness class.
Don’t assume that I hate my body.
Don’t assume that I’m there for weight loss.
Don’t assume anything about what I eat.
Don’t assume anything about my health.

[Warrior I, Pigeon, Warrior II, and a bonus of yours truly laughing while losing balance in Half Moon.]

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Hello friends

With prom coming up, (and the average dress shop being shit about plus sizes, especially large plus sizes), it’s probably a good time to link you all to Sydney’s Closet

They have plus size formal dresses going up to a size 44, and often at some p decent prices
Go get yourself all glam and stuff

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This vest is my favorite and it is my proof that trying on clothing is important, even if it is straight size. I wasn’t even going to try it on because it was a size xl and I usually can squeeze I to a 3x. I almost passed it up. I’m glad I didn’t! it may not fit the way the designer wanted but it has become one of my favorite pieces of my wardrobe.

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Instead of telling people not to call each other fat, why don’t we teach them that fat isn’t an insult

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Size: 18
Toronto Canada
IG: FlawsofCouture
FB: Flaws of Couture

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I wore these leggings out on Sunday and even though I love them, I fucking hated them. I thought my legs looked too big (as I usually do) and honestly, I didn’t even want to look at myself. So, last night I decided that I was going to love them again. I found this shirt in the back of my closet, put on some makeup, and took these pictures.

Being positive about my body is so hard some days because truly, I’ve been told my whole life that my body is wrong and takes up too much space. But I’ve definitely come a long way. Last month, I would never have posted pictures that showed this much of my arms, stomach, thighs, etc. Last year, I would never have tied this shirt up, worn it without a tank top , and I SURE AS HELL would not have taken or posted pictures in it.

So these pictures are a giant FUCK YOU to everyone who has ever tried to make me feel bad about my body. It’s a fuck you to all of the people who wanted to like me in private because they couldn’t handle my body. It’s a fuck you to everyone who has ever offered me dieting or exercise tips that I never fucking asked for. And most of all it’s a fuck you to everyone who fetishes the fat body.

I don’t want your fucking help. I am not your fucking fetish. I will not hate my body to fit your standards

***DONT REBLOG THIS TO YOUR FETISH/PORN BLOGS that’s not what these are for

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I need more fat black women in fantasy settings being loved, cherished and adored.

I want fat black witches and their incubi lovers.

I want fat black queens ruling

I want fat black women warriors kicking ass

I want fat black women in romantic comedy shows and movies

I want fat black women in noir pieces

I want fat black women in space

I want all the fat black women in all the things

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tried to take ‘serious pictures’ and my BFF decided to catch me being claaaaaassic natalie. :)

leather jacket - angry young & poor
wavves tshirt - at a show, duh
black mini skirt - target
black tights - lane bryant
three buckle boots - forever21

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Dress: Asos Curve (US Size 24)

Jacket: Target (Xhilaration Size 4)

Tights: We Love Colors (Size E)

Boots: New Look via Asos (Size 10)

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So, when I was in my teens, I never felt pretty. I hated every picture of me ever taken and I would be damned if I let anyone see my midsection. There was a time where I would heavily photoshop all of my pictures because I just didn’t make the cut on my own.

Well, I am here today to say that I have come a long way. I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been in my entire life. I may not be skinny and I may not be the prettiest, but the thing is, I am okay with that. I am okay with just being me. 

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