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This tumblr is made to inspire me to become a more confident fat person! I'm 25 white/cis/queer and from Belgium (Europe) ask me anything you want! (including if you want me to remove pictures of yourself!)

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I’m trying to implement a more colorful wardrobe besides just all black (which is the easiest to wear). As an adult I stayed away from many colors due to childhood issues of being “too dark” to wear it. It’s sad that I’m damn near 30 years old and stuff like that affects me even in my adulthood. I actually love bright colors and I get inspired seeing other darkskint folks rock it unapologetically so I decided to get it a try!

This Nadine top (size 4x) from SWAK is lightweight and soft. I would usually wear a black skirt with this, however I thought to try something different and wear a skirt that I made sometime ago. What I love about this top is the draped tail. With that detail I can easily wear some leggings or a mini skirt with this which makes it versatile. I have a low-hanging belly and it’s nice to have a top like this one where the hem falls past my “apron” so that I’m not constantly pulling it down to feel comfy.

I love this shirt and the color yellow and I can’t wait to wear this top paired with various bottoms to create different looks. I have more cute and colorful tops that I can’t wait to wear and share.

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I cant help right now, but hopefully some of y’all can.

Amazing. Please help if you can.

I wish I had the money.

i really wish i had the money to help ppl on tumblr so i reblog them hoping someone who follows me can spare $5

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USA size 14/16 

Who says chubby girls couldn’t wear a bikini top to Vans US Open ?
Love my back rolls and all ! And excuse the face please I wasn’t really ready haha

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This photo and the others from the shoot were not done for porn and wank material for fat fetish people. They were done to promote body positivity.

These ladies and I do not need your gross comments.

We hope to inspire other fat people to love their bodies and not be ashamed of them.

Photo by Katie Soze

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I’m in love with this skirt and here’s my hair in the first stage of dying.

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Stoping for the cam in class #lolita #school #self #cute #girl #girly #gothic #bbw #black #baltimore #blacklolita

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fat beyonce part II 

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[New Post] Monif C. Swimwear: Fashion Forward Swimsuits for Plus Sized Women

There’s no “shame” in this swimwear; these styles aren’t about covering the body in swathes of black in an effort to make it look smaller. Instead, Monif C. it’s about embracing your shape…because what do you have to be ashamed of really?

Image Credits: 

Images belong to Monif C.

Please don’t remove the credits.  

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Ready for the pool. #curvesreign #effyourbeautystandards #honormycurves #plussize #plussizeswim #heartsunglasses #roseswimsuit #plussizeswimwear

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I wore my first fatkini and I absolutely loved it! You can read about it up on my blog Not Afraid to Wear Heels (and follow me on tumblr through the same name.) Body Positive babes forever <3


Draw progress

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Work pics


#ThePowerOfYoga with Big Gal Yoga
Day 12 Swaying Tree
Day 13 Seated Twist /// Marichi Pose
Day 14 Reclining Hero
Day 15 Cleopatra Pose
Day 16 Warrior III /// King Dancer
Day 17 Reverse Warrior /// Baby Grasshopper

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