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This tumblr is made to inspire me to become a more confident fat person! I'm 25 white/cis/queer and from Belgium (Europe) ask me anything you want! (including if you want me to remove pictures of yourself!)

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You have been asking for them so I brought them back! Leather skater skirts are back in stock!

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Just saw this article and thought it was pretty informative and helpful. Give it a look!



I have an album on my facebook page ” Big Beautiful Black Girls” with a bunch of jewelerly for sale $15- $60BDS including the one I’m wearing now. Check it out you might find something you like

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fuck off fitspo/thinspo blogs

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Loving this Jibri Dress

My favorite color too. Need!

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Fat girls perform in musicals (and get the lead too!)

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1st pic my outfit for today. really showing off my  .99 cent ebay jewelry buys. 

2nd form a few weeks ago when i went to a family dance party at the UUFF. It was a sock hop so i had to have socks on lol. the skirt really shows off the legs. 

Torrid, dress, pink top, and skirt.

lane bryant  jeans

avenue shoes and socks.

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Feeling real flirty and showing some belly love. I love this new matching set!

(Not for reblogging/reposting to BBW, porn, or fetish blogs)

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My Sassy spread would’ve been sick

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Who doesn’t love a Princess of Size who might also be sort of a Pirate with a Heart of Gold?  We’re hoping to make children’s books featuring Princess Chandra over at

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Forgive me for the terrible quality but I wanted to do a coord post. Guess who’s back and being kawaii again and guess who fits brand now. This cute princess. THE KAWAII Sammy is back.

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Gabourey is the cutest.


Gabourey is the cutest.


So have y’all heard about the documentary currently in production called Fattitude? It is a full-length documentary taking a closer look at how society views fatness. And guess what?! I am helping to raise money for the project with these t-shirts!! I have been in contact with one of the producers and I suggested these shirts as a way to raise money for the on going project. A portion of the money spent on the shirts will go directly to the film. PLEASE take the time to google the trailer and spread the word! ·


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I got my shirt today! I promise, tee spring is getting all of my money!

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